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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hats off to Brian!

Not only did Brian arrange our participation in the two tsunami
benefit concerts, he also (1) picked out our new uniforms (black
shirts, dark blue jeans, black shoes, optional gum on jeans); (2)
directed our performance; (3) wrote three of the four songs we sang;
(4) sang solos on two of them, and (5) perhaps most importantly,
changed a lyric on the fly to keep from alienating our somewhat
geriatric audience.

The actual lyric in "High Notes" (a great new Rosen original about a
singer in a hugely successful rock/pop boy band who is trying to stay
loyal to his hometown girlfriend) is "All the other guys take a new
girl every night / Wasting all their time bangin' everything in

In the slightly edited version (assuming I heard it correctly), Brian
said "hitting" instead of "banging." That was smoooothly done, Senor
Song, though I'm not sure it was enough to make up for the punch line
of "I've Got Mail."


Blogger Brian said...

Uhhh...actually, I did say bangin. Both times. At least I think I did.

And...uhhh...actually, Nolan picked our new uniforms (with Michelle's encouragement and approval). He just wanted me to announce it since for some reason you guys usually do what I tell you to do. Like when I tell you to post something on the blog.

But I did write those songs and sing those solos. So I'm not a total poser.

10:10 PM  

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