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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Idea of the Scales Headed North

Wow. It's been so long since we've had anything to say. You'd think we've just been sitting on our butts. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. We've had a number of very productive rehearsals and a couple of very, ahem, lucrative gigs. And, of course, some sitting on our butts.

I've been pretty busy with non-Richter Scale things myself, having just closed a production of Candide with the Lamplighters (I was identified as "impressive" by the Napa Valley News...honestly! See for yourself... ) And it just so happened that the last evening performance was at the Napa Valley Opera House, immediately following a private birthday gig we were hired for in nearby Sonoma. So the Richter Scales (and the accompanying Richter Significant Others) decided to make a whole Wine Country day of it, spending the entire afternoon in Sonoma, singing and picnicing, and having a jolly old time. We drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of pickles, ate a lot of melted Hagen Daaz popsicles, sang a lot of songs, ate a lot of Mother's Animal Crackers, ate a lot of white chocolate Reese's eggs, drank a lot of wine, sang a lot of songs, ate a lot of salt and vinegar potato chips, ate a lot off chips and salsa, and then to cap it off we sang a lot of songs.

At that point we all drove one valley over so I could prepare for the show while the rest of the guys ate dinner. (I'm not kidding. They really ate dinner.)

The show seemed to go pretty well and it was too bad all the guys needed to rush home so quickly, since the rest of the cast ended up partying well into the morning. Unfortunately, the rest of the Scales needed to be back at SFO early in the morning for their, ahem, lucrative gig with ESPN. Since I wasn't there, I'll let someone else tell that story.

So, someone else. Tell that story.


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