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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Now arriving at Gate 37 -- the Richter Scales!

ESPN is launching a new sports network called ESPN U. They wanted to wow cable executives at the annual Cable Executives Brou-haha and thought it might be novel to have a group singing college fights songs to greet executives as they flew in to SFO. The person in charge had a friend who had a sister who attended one of our concerts and remembered our group name.

Now we know that viral networks work for websites and a cappella groups. * (Tell a friend.)

So we landed the gig. 10 fight songs, 2 weeks, 1 group ready for the challenge. ;-)

The group scoured the net for fight song sheet music, Mark ordered other songs over the web and had the supplier overnight the sheet music to us. The group worked on songs outside rehearsals (a rare occasion but for ESPN (and their money), we scrapped it together).

I didn't like the fight songs. I had a hard time memorizing them because they all sounded like each other. Imagine a high school marching band, stiffly strutting around, big flooffy things coming out of ridiculous hats . That's fight songs.

So I looked forward to the gig because it was novel (and it was ESPN), but regarded the songs as a necessary evil.

It ended up being a ton of fun, fight songs and all! We sang for three hours. I wouldn't have thought I could survive three hours of fight songs, but at the end, I was raring to go another hour. People really liked us which makes sense. Baggage claims have never really been a mecca for entertainment, especially when the bags have even come up on the carousal yet. We did catch a few executives which we serenaded with their alma mater's fight songs and made our clients very very happy.

We left our mark on SFO. And we didn't even have to lift a leg.


* And an nifty name doesn't hurt. Companies like TechSmart, MicroTech, CompuGen: take note.


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