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Friday, June 24, 2005

An old (but young) fan...

Like Dave said (in the previous post), we finished our summer solstice rounds at a drumming circle, and at the end of that little three-song concert, the drums joined in as we vamped the ending. It was seemingly the perfect ending to a great night.

Then a little girl that had been roaming around with us (accompanied by her big sister) piped up:

Girl: Do you have a CD?
RS: Not just yet.
Girl: I saw you guys when I was 7 -- at the Academy of Sciences!

The Academy of Sciences gig was more than 3 years ago! I'm guessing we sang at that gig in 2001, a good 4 years ago. We've run into people the Sunday of a retreat that have screamed, "I saw you guys last night singing at blah-blah-blah" because they happened to be assaulted with our tunes the night before. But a 3 year gap? With a random audience member? Stupendous.

Girl: You guys sang to me. I'm the little girl you sang "My Girl" to.

That this little girl remembered us from that long ago, that we happened to run into her on Ocean Beach, wandering amidst the dunes was THE perfect ending to a great night. Hey Little Girl, where ever you are, thanks for making our day! (And we will get that CD out soon :-) ).


Blogger CKL said...

My records indicate that we did the Academy of Sciences gig in March, 2002.

2:08 PM  

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