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Thursday, June 23, 2005

sand, surf, and sun (for about ten minutes)

A mostly-chilly Richter Scales ambled down Ocean Beach on Tuesday, singing at bonfires on the night of the summer solstice. We kind of got the date wrong, but so did all of the people we sang to, so it was all good. The sun disappeared about ten minutes after we got to the beach, allowing us to meander among the (questionably legal) bonfires and push our vocal stylings on the helpless public all while basking in the warmth of the fires. Highlights of the night included singing into a cell phone for a gentleman who didn't seem to know who he'd called, being accompanied by a drumming circle, and being reunited with long-lost audience members from the dawn of (RS) time.

And yes, I was in shorts and bare feet. What else should one wear to the beach? (the answer most of the Scales would have given was something like "lots and lots of layers. and maybe a ski jacket.")


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