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Monday, August 29, 2005

Burning Scales

Our very own Mark Casey and Brian Rosen are featured in today's "Faces of Burning Man" feature in the San Francisco Chronicle! If you're also headed out to Black Rock this week, you may encounter Mark singing with a capplaya, Burning Man's premiere jazz sextet, and Brian spreading doom, gloom, and cookies with his fellow Goth Scouts (look for the black uniforms).

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

RANT: Public Transit Sucks Ass

You heard me right, hippies: Public transit sucks ass.

Every week, I schlep myself up to San Francisco for Richter Scales rehearsal, and sometimes I can't get a ride back down to the peninsula with someone who's driven his car up that night. When that happens, I attempt to take Caltrain home, and half the time, I fail. This sucks ass. Q.E.D.

What happens? Well, either the outbound Muni doesn't run often enough to get me to 4th & King in time, or my ride gets stuck in traffic, or Caltrain changes their damn schedule so the 10:07 actually leaves at 10:00. Whatever the stupid cause, I miss the train. And the next train doesn't leave until two hours later. I can usually catch the Muni Metro back to Embarcadero ($1.25), whence I take BART down to Millbrae ($3.55), where my saintly wife picks me up (priceless), but it's damn annoying.

Even if I do manage to catch the train, it's slow. The absolute worst was when they were still doing construction on the rails, which delayed the midnight train even more, and didn't get me into Mountain View until 2:00 AM.

Well, to hell with all of it. I'm done. I have better things to do with my time and money. Public transit is not convenient, cheap, or pleasant (hello, screeching tunnel noise), and I feel sorry for anyone who has to suffer it. Besides, I drive a Prius-- my conscience is clean.