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Friday, September 02, 2005

power of speech

If you haven't heard this already, take a listen to New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin fuming about the lack of timely federal aid to his fair city after Hurricane Katrina struck. These people need help. Lots of it. NOW.

If you haven't done this already, please donate whatever you can to any aid or relief organization working in that area. As my friend Jeff says:
Giving of your time is useful, but nothing is more useful than money. The reason is that money moves at the speed of light to the disaster. There are no logisitical nightmares in trying to move money. All money works equally well (as opposed to some foods, which might be inappropriate in the community they reach), it doesn't need to be cleaned first (like clothes do), and it isn't the wrong kind (like building materials can be).
Yahoo! and have set up special pages to accept donations. If your employer doesn't do gift matching, send your money through Kung Fu Monkey (look for the PayPal logo on the right), and John Rogers will personally match your donation amount, dollar for dollar.

The bay area a cappella community is trying to organize something similar to January's "In Harmony for Asia" benefit for tsunami victims. We'll post more news on that as it develops.