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Monday, January 16, 2006

Radio Free Richter Scales

Who says there's nothing new on the radio anymore?

We made it into episode 88 of the podcast Radio MacGuys, whose author, David Brightbill, saw us street singing outside the Metreon when he was in town for MacWorld.

Skip to the end of the podcast (21:48) to hear David introduce "I've Got Mail"!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gimme Shelter

Happy New Year!

In the spirit of progress, The Richter Scales are looking for a new rehearsal space. We've been squatting in various people's houses and offices for the past five years, and it's about time we got a room of our own.

Here's what we're looking for:
  • A rehearsal space to use from 7-10 PM on Thursday nights and some Wednesdays, as well.
  • The closer to public transit (especially Caltrain), the better.
  • We do NOT need amplification equipment or a piano.
  • San Francisco only.
Can you help? Please contact us!