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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Last Night, I Shook the Mayor's Hand

And he was taller than expected.

Wednesday night, the Richter Scales assembled in Pacific Heights for a private party at which Mayor Gavin Newsom was a guest. He spoke briefly but eloquently, then listened to us sing "Up the Ladder", applauded politely, and thanked us for the serenade, shaking a few hands (including mine) on the way out. After he left, we sang a few more songs for the partygoers while the staff turned the cocktail reception room over to a dinner setting.

All in all, a very successful gig. We even got to sample the swanky food and drink.

Afterward, we retired to Silver Clouds for dinner and karaoke. We got the dinner, funded by our payment from the gig, but we couldn't sing any karaoke because the bar area had been reserved by a group of business school students from Berkeley. They took over the karaoke stage for their own "Haas Idol" event, and we could not avoid being serenaded by their "singing" while we ate.

That part was not so great.


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