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Thursday, September 14, 2006

We Retreated; now what? Oh, right, a concert!

So we're kind of a couple months late on our summer concert, but we have a really good excuse: an album! We Hate A Cappella took up all our available time this summer, so it's only now, with the album finished, that we can turn our attention back to entertaining the masses once again.

In the spirit of an exam review, we spent last Sunday alternating between trying to remember all the songs we recorded for the album, playing keep-away with an extremely energetic golden retriever, and intensely concentrating on tuning and blending our voices into one. Okay, so that last thing we only did for about five minutes, but it was a really intense five minutes.

With retreat under our collective belt, we're ready to invade your ears with our own special brand of cacophony. Come see us September 29th at Noe Valley Ministry and pick up your very own copy of the best album the group has ever produced!


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