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Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome to New York

Forwarded by my friend Sean...

Our first day in NYC, my brother and I were sitting in a subway
train commenting (quietly) on how decidedly dodgy some of the fellow
passengers looked.

At one stop, 4 BIG guys got on the train. Two of them stood at
either end of the carriage. After the doors closed one said 'Can I
have your attention' or something similar..

We were staring up the nostrils of 2 of the toughest looking guys
I'd ever seen, remembering everything everyone ever said about New
York being dangerous. I was seriously expecting the next 5 minutes
to involve muzzle flashes, sharp implements, and a significant loss
of weight in my wallet. When suddenly they begin singing for money!

It was actually one of the most beautiful 4-part harmonies I've
heard and earned them a handful of change, and I look back on it and
laugh now... but at the time it was rather worrying!
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