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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I admit it. I'm a big geek.

As Curtis said in his last post, we're being featured on the Dr Demento show. THE Dr Demento show! Now, I listened to a lot of Dr Demento in my time. (That probably explains a lot.) And now some of my own songs are going to be featured on his show. My words may well go on to corrupt the minds of the next generation...I'm just humbled and amazed. Really...this is what music is all about.

we're hatin' it

Have you heard the Richter Scales' debut album, We Hate A Cappella? Check out some samples at our web site, And if you like what you hear, click the "Buy Now" button in the top right corner to get your very own CD for just $15-- shipping included! Such a deal!*

You can also hear us on the Dr. Demento radio show for the next two weeks! The good doctor will be playing "I Hate A Cappella" this weekend (Nov.11-12) and "I've Got Mail" next weekend (Nov.18-19). Check your local listings to find a station in your area, or listen online.

Last but not least: this Saturday (Nov.11), the Richter Scales are performing at the 13th annual West Coast A Cappella Summit in San Rafael. Come see us on stage at noon, and check out many other musical groups and workshops during the day!

* While we encourage you to buy our album, we strongly recommend that you do not hit it. (Can you even do that to a CD? Don't answer that.)