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Friday, April 06, 2007

Kids These Days

The Richter Scales span a pretty wide age range; I think the current spread is 15 years. Doesn't it just warm the cockles of your heart to know that music can bring together such a diverse group of men? Well, it should. WARM THOSE COCKLES DAMMIT

Anyway. I, myself, am one of the older Scales, and this was made very clear to me by a couple of incidents in the past month:

First, while driving home from rehearsal one night--Wiley, Loren, David, and I had carpooled up from the peninsula--Wiley's mp3 player shuffled up The Who's "Baba O'Riley," which has a very distinctive introduction.

"What is this?" David asked.

He had never heard the song before, much less known the name of the band. Loren, who's closer to my age, listened for a little while, and then said, "Are these the guys who do the CSI theme song?"

You'll be glad to know that I didn't actually smack him upside the head. He was too far away in the backseat.

Last week, at our retreat, I was relaxing and spinning some Squeeze tunes before dinner on Saturday night. "Hourglass" came on, and a few seconds in, Jason said, "Hey, don't we sing this song?" He'd never heard the original, despite having performed our arrangement of it at several gigs.

Conversely, both David and Jason have introduced me to new music that I might not have discovered otherwise. David has engaged in protracted discourse on Fall Out Boy's irresistible badness, and the group is currently learning Jason's arrangement of "Beautiful High" by Sister Hazel.

How do I feel? Young. I feel young.


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