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Saturday, September 22, 2007

TIME Magazine: Richter Scales "actually kind of nice to listen to"

Not to blow our own horn--because we are, y'know, an a cappella group, and we don't play instruments--but here's what finance folks are saying about our YouTube music video, "Fine Line: Sub-Prime Decline:"

...and many more, including The Big Picture, Cody Willard, Housing Doom, and the Google Finance Blog. (You can see a complete list on our Fine Line Views spreadsheet, which also tracks how many people have been watching the video on YouTube.)

On the a cappella side of Internet-town, Jason's post in the RARB forum generated quite a few responses as well:
  • Deke Sharon, BOCA founder and former Tufts Beelzebub, says: "This is truly hilarious! Congrats on all the publicity!"
  • Marc Bernfield, East Bay Harmony founder and ex-Ro Sham Bo singer, says: "Truly inspired. If nothing else, this is definitely the best a cappella music video I've ever seen."
  • Corey Slutsky, Voices Only founder, says: "worth watching repeatedly. I'll make sure this gets passed around."
  • Greg Stevens, co-founder of the Johns Hopkins Vocal Chords, says: "that's rad, and what phenomenal voices!"

Thanks to everyone for the kind words!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did Bernanke watch our music video?

These are the facts:

1. Last week, on September 13th, we (The Richter Scales) released our music video "Fine Line: Sub-Prime Decline" (pictured below).

2. In said music video, at time index 01:29, we implore Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, to "cut rates" by "50 bips."

3. The financial term "bips" is an abbreviation of "basis points" (1/100th of a percent). 50 bips would be half of one percent.

4. Today, the Federal Reserve lowered the key lending rate by 0.5%.

These are the facts, and they are not in dispute.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions.