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Saturday, September 22, 2007

TIME Magazine: Richter Scales "actually kind of nice to listen to"

Not to blow our own horn--because we are, y'know, an a cappella group, and we don't play instruments--but here's what finance folks are saying about our YouTube music video, "Fine Line: Sub-Prime Decline:"

...and many more, including The Big Picture, Cody Willard, Housing Doom, and the Google Finance Blog. (You can see a complete list on our Fine Line Views spreadsheet, which also tracks how many people have been watching the video on YouTube.)

On the a cappella side of Internet-town, Jason's post in the RARB forum generated quite a few responses as well:
  • Deke Sharon, BOCA founder and former Tufts Beelzebub, says: "This is truly hilarious! Congrats on all the publicity!"
  • Marc Bernfield, East Bay Harmony founder and ex-Ro Sham Bo singer, says: "Truly inspired. If nothing else, this is definitely the best a cappella music video I've ever seen."
  • Corey Slutsky, Voices Only founder, says: "worth watching repeatedly. I'll make sure this gets passed around."
  • Greg Stevens, co-founder of the Johns Hopkins Vocal Chords, says: "that's rad, and what phenomenal voices!"

Thanks to everyone for the kind words!


Blogger Barry Ritholtz said...

Out of curiousity, who broke the song into a wider audience?

Which blogger posted on it first?

5:04 AM  
Blogger LC said...

You did! The first blog to post the video was "The Big Picture."

If you click the "links" part of YouTube video, you get this rough approximation -- that hasn't been updated in several days -- showing where the clicks are coming from. Here's what it looks like today:

695 clicks from
425 clicks from
172 clicks from
154 clicks from
102 clicks from

You'll note that the Wall Street Journal linked directly to your entry.

The mystery to us is how Time Magazine came upon the video.

Thanks again for the link, Barry. And for the great blog.

11:38 AM  

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