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Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Video: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
Let you heart be light.
From now on,
Our troubles will be out of sight."

Isn't that just exactly how we all feel here at the end of 2008?

Heck no, it isn't. The US stock market is suffering its biggest one year decline since the Great Depression, and that's been one of the better stock market performances in 2008. The developed economies are struggling with crushing debt burdens, and the emerging economies aren't so emerging any more, partly because the rich countries are cutting back on their exports, and partly because they're dealing with rising levels of social instability.

As if all that weren't bad enough, terrorism is making a re-appearance in India, bird flu is making a re-appearance in Asia, and "Knight Rider" is making a re-appearance on prime time TV.

Desperate times call for desperate Christmas carols. Here's our contribution. Enjoy the video, and then go enjoy another egg nog. And another. And another.

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Blogger CKL said...

Great video! But in the future, somebody should really edit Mark's blog posts. :)

1:09 AM  

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